Tuesday, September 23, 2008


i had love someone,the one i love had jux break up...
actually we know few month ago...
love not depend on time right???
duno why...i'm start to think of her everyday...
hope tat i can meet her atl ease once per day...
i think i'm started to fall in love...lol...
duno wat to do now...she seem to be good with me...but i think i souldn't do anything now.
wait for sometime, let her recover from hurt only do sth to let her know my feeling ba.
is she hav some feeling on me too???hmm..not dare to think it..haha
cox i really hav too much of fail relationship...
eh eh eh, doesn't mean i'm a play boy le...i'm quite innocent actually :p wahaha
is me cheated by gir la...haha
dun worry..no matter how...i will try once ge..to make my life no regret!!

actually i still have some stress on spot...wait me settle all there 1st ba^^
all the best to myself
and alse all the best to others...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

wow..bcp exam T.T

tis week ho..is my exam week...yet,other than exam, i stil hav a lot of thing to do wo!!
haha...wanna know wat???tel u later..
let discuss about my bcp exam today..
i study seriously in tis subject ga...but le...can't do well in it oso ( under expect ) haha!!
however, i can do the 1st part then i can't do the last part lo T.T
stil can apst or credit de...
tml is my econ test..must go back study hard!!wanna get HD..!!wahaha...hehe >:)
tis month i want to rush my 21%, so i'm very busy in my business..
then le...i'm very nervous now oso...i duno when shud i tel the girl i love that my truth feeling.
is she stil together with her bf???seem like no more already..
i wanna try...if can't success...GOD,hlp me, pls dun let me be too emberassing..haha..
n stil can be fren with her la...couple is nice, but fren oso not bad wat..hehe
how shud i start le??hmm...have to plan...haha...

haiz...keep smiling n laughing...but i real damn nervous n worry la!!!haiz...
concentrate in study 1st...then go biao bai..then continue my business...

tis is wat i plan...a sincere heart to touched everyone around me^^
hope everyone around me can be happy always...
u happy i'm happy de la!!hehe...

life is good..fight for it...
do your best!!then enjoy fully...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

i'm back!!

wow,long long time din post anything...sorry to my blog^^ wahaha...
actually i'm vvvvvv busy tis few week la...almost forgot tat i had a blog here waitng for me to share my thing to it...
a had a new turn point in my business..going to be the youngster soon!!
excited...still hav to keeping planning n working...
ga yau..ah kit!!!wohoho....

too bad tat i can't help all my fren to make them look clear their future...especially to someone i care more...but i will try my best..hope my changing n improve may affect them...reality is thousand cruel than u expected....must stand hard....keepng moving forward!!winner is who slove the problem, loser is who solve by the problem...you can do it!!!YA,dun hesitate,i'm talkng to u...who reading tis blog...believe in yourself...YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

secondly...i face some problem oso...haiz....actually wat is love le???it really a mystery...i really duno wat is it...not dare to touch it...even though i always said "think is problem, do is answer"
yet, i still cannot involve in the word "love". i scare i can't handle it...not sure tat whether i'm worrying will hurt other or myself...

however, i do feel like wanna find someone to share to my happiness, sadness, listen my story, share my award, be with me or support me whenever n whereever i do.

mayb i really think too much...jux go ahead..."think is problem, do is answer"!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

finish exam.!!YEA..

today is my last day of exam..jux finish MS test..
siok siok la...hahahahaha!!!
TWO week of break...even is short...but i wonder for long time liao!!
monday-account..silly mistake..haiz..but stil can get HD luckily..
tuesday-Englis, so far so good..i think can get credit ge..
wednesday-math...silly mistake oso..haiz..but i htink oso can get DH la..hehe
thursday-economic..wtf..mistaken again..OMG..pls..but stil DH la..lolx
today(friday)-malaysian studies..my godness..my poorest subject..hope can pass la..i jux brought in my AK-47 to shoot only..haha

planning what to do during my break..hav to improve myself more..n continue my business..
gambatte..everyone work smart together ba^^
enojy your life..IT IS GOOD actually..hehe

all the best to everyone!!bye..

Sunday, June 29, 2008

GREAT NEWS..tis month i rise pin again!!!

tel u tat..i had achieved 15% tis month...

amway is a great business la..it let me learn n experience different kind of thing in my life..

it's not tat hard to do as u figure..

the point in not u can or can't..the point is u WANT or DUN WANT..!!

think about it..of everyone who read my blog..

u can achieve success anytime if u WANT n ready to CHANGE from today!!

on the other hand..if u dun want..no matter ho i help u..u will still feel it tough..

peoblem will always be the problem..but solution is always create the human!!

if u want to get something..definitely u will find your way out..

for example..if u wanna tackle a girl..no matter how hard..u must find the point to get her!rite??

here i show u some photo as evidence of my face tat b4 i use amway product n after use amway untrion n skin care..

this pic when i was form5..stil young,face nice

another pic of form5 trip

after form6 exam..eat n sleep worst tat period n cause much pimple

2pic showing 2 side of face..it is obvious..really loss all the confidence tat time..haiz
i had go for 2 dif facial treatment use up 5000++,but uselss then see doc..use up 2000++ oso useless..freally fed up n hopeless tat time..
at last i meet my dear upline..he advise me to take nutrilite n try amways world top 4 artistry..
within 2 month..
i get back my nice face n fill in all confidence again!!

tis is the new leng zaii..(after reborn)
haha :p

thank you nutrilite..!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LIFE IS GOOD!!LIVE IT..!!national convention!!

wow..sorry for the late post..cox i'm really damn busy..

sunday nite..me,ah long,xin yu,pei hua, lee ee,sam,angie,joey and more more more ah..

wnet to the amway national convention..

super high oh~~ the show start at 6.30 but we arrive at 3.30 ( scare no seat) haha..

however, we all stil have to wait outsude the stadium..n those indian fans keep screaming n cheering outside the stadium entarnce..it look soo strong..

we eat ice-cream n take photo outside to wait for the begin..

after that..we can go in le..but those ppl were soo rude..keep pushing, really beh tahan..mayb there really too excited to meet our dear diamonds,crown n our big boss doug devos..

so....can't blame oso geh...those ppl is truth charming...

yes,we really find a good place which located in the midle of the hall..damn cool..

95% of ppl r wearing the same shirt..cox it is include with the ticket..

before the show start,everyone stil making alot of noice inside..keeping making fun..

finally the show start..the mc was great oso..he can bring up the feeling,create a nice occasion for us to start..

after that is invite those daimond n above to the stage..n DOUG DEVOS appear oso..1st time meet him..(really look like mr lai) haha..

all the daimond n triple daimond giving the fantastic speech..

dato zulkifri n the idian daiomnd who i forgot his name gif a good impressive

thier speech really damn damn good..

age 26 become daimond!!whole family doing amway business..enojoyed every month 500k income n 2 time free trip per year..wow..wtf!!how to hav such life style??

after the speech..it make me stand up again n believe tat everyone can success..WHY NOT ME??we can success even though we r young..if u can success either older or younger..why dun u choose younger??so u can enjoy longer??

we need to enjoy life..not work for life..(like a rat race) repeat n repeat..


Monday, June 23, 2008

saturday NDS.....GREAT

wow..i tell u oh~~ it is super worth..
1 emerad , 2 daimond & 2 triple daimond giving speech tat day..

but i'm going to describe few of them here only..

first time see tan pik san giving speech..she really a strong women, i salute her!!!

2nd the fair lady guy..he is a eyes specialist in a glassess shop..count as a pro!!he's from perak oso..his monthly salary last time was 540 buck only!!working 12 hr per day..through amway..he had his own fair lady now..the one of the younger daimond in M'sia..

3rd the triple daimond from thailand..she had a funny story..her sponsor is person who wrong dailing n sponsor de..haha..weird rite??mayb it is planned by god..she oso another lady tat i have to salute..she is a scienctist, executive vice president of many big company in thailand..1day per week do amway oso can be emerad..wth!!too great la..she is a kind women^^

i had recorded some of their speech..but it's too long..i promiss i will learn how to cut it short n post it to share with u guys^^

Amway..the best direct sales in the world!!